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Plan A Wonderful Holiday Trip With The Help of New York Travel Guide

It is always better to have some information about the place that you would like to visit for your holiday so that you need not blindly follow the local guide and can actually customize your own itinerary. Those who wish to travel on their own during their trip without the help of a local guide can actually find the online travel guides very much handy as it offers all information right from the visa requirements and pre-travel facts to the estimated budget for a holiday making it easy for the travellers to prepare for a tour. The New York travel guide offers comprehensive information not only about the city, but also the local tourist places, local accommodation and food, travel facilities etc for one to enjoy their holiday without any hassles. The New York guide offers an insight into the history of this world famous tourist and business destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. The best season to visit New York is May and June else September and October when you can enjoy a moderate climate during your trip. The guide also lists the best hotels in town suitable for everyone’s budget and also the restaurants and the food and drinks one should not miss out during their trip to New York. The travel guide also offers an overview on the New York attractions and the local transport facilities to reach the destinations without burning your pockets.

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The Singapore travel guide helps you to plan a pleasant holiday trip to this beautiful and fascinating mega metropolis in the world with high scrapers, miles of shopping malls, largest port in the world and the finest restaurants that are renowned across the world for best food. Singapore is a tourist friendly country which is safe, clean and green inviting people across the globe to spend their holidays in this wonderful destination. The Singapore attractions include the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the riverside colonial district, Sentosa Island, China town, Changi village, the Orchard road and the Singapore Zoo and night safari that offers a thrilling experience to the visitors. Just like the tourist attractions the Singapore food tours are also quite famous where one can join the Chinatown food tour, the Singapore Hawker center food tour, the luxury sky dining experience and the Singapore heritage food tour to enjoy the local cuisine and drinks.

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New York Travel Guide

London Travel Guide Helps To Plan Your Trip To Explore The City Just Like A Local

Travel websites offer better insights about a place so that you can actually travel on your own without the necessity of hiring a local tour guide. Especially the PlannedTraveller portal gives valuable insights about different tourist destinations across the globe, making it easy to plan your trip without any hassles. You can find information right from the visa requirements to the best season to visit a place. If you are planning to visit Great Britan the portal turns out as your London travel guide offering full information on how you can enjoy your holidays in the city. The guide provides an overview about the city starting from its history to the weather conditions, best time to visit the place, local transport facilities, best accommodation suitable to one’s budget, best restaurants, tipping culture, souvenir shops etc.

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The London travel guide also lists the best London attractions that one should not miss out on their trip to the city.  Anyone shall remember Big Ben, Tower of London, Maddame Tussauds Museum, Tower Bridge, St.Pauls Cathedral, Victoria and Albert Musuem, Buckinghum Palace, London Zoo, London Eye etc. Apart from these attractions you can also have a wonderful time by joining the 30 minute helicopter trip over London, Thames lunch cruise, London Pub passport, London eye Champagne experience, Windsor castle, Stonehenge and Bath day trip from London, Paris rail day trip from London, Harry Potter tour of Warner Bros studio etc that sure to leave you with an amazing experience and beautiful memories of your holidays in London.

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The Barcelona travel guide also offers the best tips on the destination to those who don’t enjoy predesigned travel packages and would like to explore the city on their own. Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and is famous for the fresh sea food, beaches and vibrating culture. There are also some beautiful Barcelona attractions that you can visit on your trip to this wonderful city. The Gracia is a trendy suburb that brings you the bohemian atmosphere of the sixties and seventies. The La Font Magica is located in Montjuice brings you the largest dining and luminous fountain offering a spectacular display of music, light and water blended acrobats. The La Pedrera, L’Aquarium, La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell are some of the other places that you must visit on a trip to Barcelona.

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The New York Travel Guide Makes Your Planning Easy To Explore The City Just Like A Local

If you are one among those who is not satisfied with the pre-designed group travel packages and would like to explore a new destination on your own, here is one travel guide that offers you all the insights about a city to experience new cultures and travel foreign lands like a local and not as a tourist. You can plan your itinerary with the help of the Planned Traveller travel guide portal that offers you full information right from the visa requirements to land in the foreign location and also how to take care about your accommodation, local transport and sightseeing and travel carefree. The New York travel guide offers you an overview about the city which is located on the Hudson river and is famous as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


By availing a tourist visa you can visit the city and there are some wonderful hotels offering the best accommodation within budget. The hotels along with their price indicator is listed by the travel guide making it easy for you to plan your travel budget accordingly. The local transport is very flexible as you can find the subway system and the bus network connecting to most of the popular tourist destinations in the city. The Metro card allows you to use the subway system and the bus system in the city for unlimited travel within the time frame. There are also taxis which can be hailed anywhere in the street. The New York travel guide lists out the most popular tourist destinations in the city that one must visit during their travel to the city. The guide also helps you find the best restaurants and eateries to taste the local cuisines and flavors that typically adds a local touch to your holiday. You are also updated about the best season to visit New York and also the local tipping culture, souvenirs, shopping, credit cards, etc that all comes very much handy to plan a hassle free tour to New York on your own.


Similarly, you can also find the travel guide portal offering you the best London attractions in case you are planning a trip to the city. By having information beforehand, you can know the historical significance of the places which would surely enhance your experience while visiting such prominent tourist destinations in the world. You can find all information about the London attractions like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St.Paul’s Cathedral, The Houses of Parliament, The Natural History Lesson, Victoria and Albert Museum, London Eye, Madam Tussauds, Buckinghum Palace, London Zoo and many more places.

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The New York Travel Guide Offers the Best Insights To Plan Your Holiday

If you are planning for a tour it is always better to have full information regarding the location and the things that you require to enjoy a hassle free holiday. The travel guide is one such source that gives you all the insights about the place so that you can travel on your own without the necessity of a local guide who just takes you through the pre-designed tourist spots along with  a group of other people. By having the travel guide in your hand you can explore the new places and experience the cultures without the help of anyone just like a local and not as a tourist. The New York travel guide offers you all the insights right from pre travel facts like the passport and visa requirements that you need to fulfill to land in the city. You can have an overview about the city like the location, geographical boundaries, currency, language, annual weather indicator and also the money required for your local travel and stay in the city.

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The New York travel guide also lists the available hotels and convenient localities along with the price range for budget, mid-range or luxury hotels of your choice. You can also find the food and drink specials available locally that you must try out during your visit to this famous city in the United States of America. You can also have full information regarding the local transport facilities like the subway system, bus network and taxis available for your local travel along with a price indicator. The section on New York attractions gives you an insight about the famous places that you can visit in the city and also the activities that you can take part in the tour.

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Similarly, the Las Vegas travel guide also covers all the aspects to make your holiday a memorable trip. You can find the Las Vegas attractions that you should not miss out on your trip to this splendid adult entertainment and casino city. There is Bellagio Fountains, High Roller, Stratosphere Tower, Shark Reef, Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, Mirage Volcano, Adventuredome, Las Vegas Sun rises hot air balloon ride, Black Canyon Kayak Day  trip from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon tour and many more that you can enjoy during your visit to this beautiful city. The travel tips section provides you with the information regarding the weather conditions in the city and the best time to visit Las Vegas along with the available big bus hop on and hop off tour that is budget friendly, shopping areas, restaurants, entertainment zones, souvenir shops etc to make your trip the most memorable holiday of your life.

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The New York Travel Guide Offers Best Information To Plan A Holiday Vacation

Traveling to new places is really a wonderful experience as it offers an opportunity to meet new people, explore local tourist attractions and also learn about the culture and history of the place. However, to enjoy a hassle free holiday experience, proper planning is also very important to make the necessary arrangements for accommodation and local travel along with planning what to do in the new place. The New York travel guide from the website is one good source that offers all relevant information to a tourist beforehand about the city so that they can enjoy their holiday by planning ahead. The overview about the city gives an insight about New York which is located near the Hudson river and on the east coast side of United States. The city consists of five districts with many famous tourist attractions as well as being reputed as the most powerful economic center in the country. Due to this many people visit the city round the year and those planning a trip to New York should book their accommodation and local travel in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments.

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The New York travel guide provides all information like the pre travel facts for making necessary visa arrangements to visit the city and also a list of best hotels suitable for every budget to find good accommodation in the city. The guide also offers useful travel tips as to which season is the best to visit New York and also about the local travel options, shopping, entertainment, tipping culture, weather conditions and many more so that one does not feel like an outsider even though it is their first visit to the city. There is also a special section on the New York attractions which one cannot afford to miss on their visit to the city. To name a few there is Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Brookly Bridge, Times Square and Broadway, Central Park, Ground Zero memorial etc. for the tourists to visit.

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Similarly, one can also check out the Las Vegas attractions at portal that lists Bellagio Fountains, High Roller, Stratospeher tower, Shark Reef, Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, Mirage Volcano, Adventuredome, Grand Canyon and helicopter tour etc. as the best spots for one to visit during their trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also famous for casinos houses and those who would like to enjoy gambling can check their luck in these world famous casinos. The website also has detailed travel guides on over 60 cities across the world.

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Plan Your Travel Within Budget With the Help of Travel Guides

Several websites have been created as platforms that provide tons of information for travellers to plan every detail of their trip. However practically it may prove very time consuming to actually sort relevant information.

Therefore Planned Traveller has been created to provide to the point concise details of every city along with complete prices and budget indications. The travellers can plan their trip either independently or take the help of the city guides provided on the website. The city guides help in budget calculations and assist in planning a detailed itinerary based on individual tastes and preferences. The website also plans to start customizing travel and holiday packages that will be prepared by its team of experts. There will be a complete breakup of every component of the trip beginning with hotels, food, local transport and transfers as well as sightseeing trips and tours/activities. Each of the components is competitively priced with comparative price quotes provided by trusted online service providers. The website aims to connect to those people who like freedom in planning and are not willing to travel as per pre designed packages  offered by innumerable travelagents. Our target audience are those who are open to ideas and are flexible in exploring different places, tourist spots, trying out new cuisines, experiencing new cultures and exploring foreign lands as locals and not tourists.

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There are travel guides for over 50 cities across the globe including destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Europe and North America. For people interested in travelling to North America, Las Vegas on west coast and New York on the east coast are major tourist attractions.

Las Vegas is famous for being the largest adult playground in the world with gambling and entertainment being its biggest draws. Everything in Las Vegas is built in grand and spectacularstyle. Some of the best Las Vegas attractions include Imitation of the Sphinx, which is a three dimensional silhouette of New York City complete with Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, Bellagio Fountains, Stratosphere Tower, Shark Reef, Madame Tussauds and Adventuredome which stands out to be one of the major attractions of the city. Gambling was also made legal in the year 1931 in the barren desert state of Nevada. All these attractions ensure about 40 million visitors every year. For people who want to visit New York, the New York travel guide helps you in identifying all the important tourist spots in the city like Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, the Hudson river, Central Park, Timesquare, hit Broadway shows and of course haute couture shopping at 5th Avenue. The travel guide helps you travel to New York on a budget that can be customized depending on your travel style. You can decide exactly which hotel locations, restaurants and attractions fit into your budget and ways and means to get discounts by booking these in advance.

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People interested in travelling to the United Kingdom or London can take the help of London travel guide which also helps you plan your travel within your specified budget and also ensures that you cover all the important places of interest in London. The Double Decker buses, the Royal family, high-tea, big Ben, the Tube, bangers and mash are some of the things that will give you an idea what London is all about. London is a great place for history buffs, art geeks, foodies, fashionistas and others. London caters to the varied tastes of people and entertains round the clock every day.